Code of Conduct

As a ‘code of conduct’ seems to be needed now a days for interactions between people, especially at tech conferences, I releasing my own ‘code of conduct’.

The following applies when you interact with me, listen to my talks or see any of my rants on social media;

1. Respect & integrity. I will treat you with respect by default, please extend the same courtesy to me. I have a strong views on certain issues that maybe completely the opposite of your view.

2. Acknowledge my culture. I’m Dutch. I’m direct, blunt and we founded ‘going Dutch‘. I acknowledge the fact that you may have an other cultural background and therefore a different view of the world around us.

3. If you don’t like what I’m saying or how I’m acting, let me know. Or walk away. If you don’t confront me and just complain behind my back, you take away my ability to learn. There some good guidelines for delivering feedback to someone. You may want to read it someday, if you want your feedback to resonate.

4. Confidentiality ; by default I will keep any information you provide to me confidential. You can share anything I told you with anyone, unless I specifically tell you the information I’m sharing is confidential.

5. I’m even more blunt on social media en during delivering keynotes. Just unfollow me, if you can’t handle that. See the disclaimer: http://janwiersma.nl/?page_id=160



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