Analyse energie regulering in de EU

Zoals eerder vermeld, komt de Green Grid met een rapport rond de regulering van CO2 uitstoot in Europa.

Dit rapport is vandaag gepubliceerd, als White paper 25: THE GREEN GRID – ENERGY POLICY RESEARCH FOR DATA CENTRES

The aim of this report is to support The Green Grid’s aspiration to dramatically raise the energy effi ciency of data centres in both the short and long term. Its objectives were to:
• Identify the key energy policies and emerging policies affecting the design, construction, and operation of data centres at the EU and national levels in the UK, France, Germany, and the Netherlands.
• Explore the implications for data centres of the identifi ed energy policies, specifi cally opportunities and threats.
• Recommend actions that The Green Grid and its members can take to:
– Meet existing legislation effectively and effi ciently
– Shape and prepare for forthcoming legislation
– Inform and embrace voluntary codes
– Leverage commercial opportunities

60 pagina’s verplicht leesvoer voor datacenter eigenaren in Nederland. De specifieke Nederlandse situatie is uitgewerkt in de bijlage van het rapport. Groen wordt de volgende SOX…


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