Datacenter Pulse & Green Grid gaan samenwerken

Ik mag graag mijn kritiek uiten op het ontbreken van samenwerking tussen leveranciers, eind gebruikers en overheid.

Dit gebrek input van een groot deel van de markt en gebrek aan samenhang  is ook de reden dat ik actief ben bij Dataecenter Pulse (DCP).

Vandaag weer een mijlpaal in het bestaan van DCP; de aankondiging van samenwerking tussen The Green Grid en DCP.

De Green Grid is de grondlegger van o.a. PUE en heeft veel uitstekend werk verricht op dat vlak. De aansluiting met de echte eindgebruikers miste een beetje. Dat is waar DCP in beeld komt. The Green Grid krijgt een platform waarbij men in een korte tijd hun ideeën kan toetsen met eind gebruikers. DCP krijgt invloed die de eind gebruiker nodig heeft op ontwikkelingen als PUE.

Het volledige (Engelse) pers bericht:


Data Center Pulse establishes collaborative relationship with The Green Grid

Data Center Pulse continues toward their goal of influencing the datacenter industry through their exclusive, global end user community.

UNION CITY, CA, January 11, 2010 – Today, Data Center Pulse entered into an agreement with The Green Grid to further enhance their ability to influence the industry via collaboration on Data Center challenges.

The Green Grid is a global consortium dedicated to developing and promoting energy efficiency for data centers and business computing systems.  They have amassed a rich mixture of manufacturers, service providers, and end user members representing over 175 global companies.

Data Center Pulse is a global end user community of Data Center owners and operators focused on influencing the industry through the eyes of the customer. This exclusive end-user community has 1350 members in 55 countries touching over 100 industries. Data Center Pulse have the ability to reach a significant population of Data Center customers ranging from single rack to some of the largest Data Centers in the world.

This new relationship will enable The Green Grid to quickly and effectively reach a significant end user population to help validate and direct their overall efficiency and standards work.  It will also allow Data Center Pulse members to have a direct conduit into the important work that The Green Grid is leading.

"This relationship allows Data Center Pulse to continue our mission to influence the industry through the consumers of Data Center products and services while maintaining the anonymity of our members," said Dean Nelson, chairman and founder of Data Center Pulse.  "Our focus is to drive efficiency and performance gains in the Data Center because we are the customers. This relationship will accelerate that agenda, ultimately helping Data Center users and the industry as a whole."

“We are pleased to build on our relationship with Data Center Pulse,” said Kathrin Winkler, a director of The Green Grid. “When we started exploring the opportunities, we realized that our efforts were complementary. We expect our relationship to accelerate the work each organization is pursuing and also to strengthen our output with a larger audience of end users participating and validating our energy efficiency efforts.”

The Green Grid has an established Advisory Council (AC) made up of end users from eight of their primary member companies.  This includes AT&T, ADP, eBay, Nationwide, Strato, The Walk Disney Company, Tokyo Electric Power Company, and Verizon.  It was established to advise the board of directors on direction and strategy, to actively participate in technical committees, drive greater awareness of The Green Grid within the community, and guide and shape published materials and processes as one unified voice.

"The Advisory Council will be the conduit for the Data Center Pulse relationship," said Jeannie Diefenderfer, The Green Grid Advisory Council chair, "This relationship greatly augments our reach to end users.  It will help us deliver on the AC charter."

To become a Data Center Pulse Member, click here.  To become a member of The Green Grid, click here.

For more information email info@datacenterpulse.org


About Data Center Pulse: Data Center Pulse (DCP) is a growing, non-profit, datacenter industry community founded on the principles of sharing best practices amongst its exclusive membership.  Founded in late 2008, DCP is quickly becoming an industry nexus for the explosive datacenter industry’s operators and influencers.  DCP’s mission is to align end users to share information thereby influencing the industry by defining, adopting and driving best practices and next generation solutions. The DCP members are the individuals that evaluate, recommend and purchase the products and services for the datacenter. They represent billions of dollars of annual purchases that drive the IT economy. Information is available at datacenterpulse.org.


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