Google opent de deuren

Op 1 april (geen grapje) opende Google zijn deuren tijdens de Google Data Center Efficiency Summit.

De sessies gaven een kijkje in de keuken met wat interessante innovaties:

– Google container (Zie datacenterknowledge artikel 1 & cnet )

Containers Based Data Center

· Speaker: Jimmy Clidaras

· 45 containers (222KW each/max is 250Kw – 780W/sq ft)

· Showed pictures of containerized data centers

· 300×250’ of container hanger

· 10MW facility

· Water side economizer

· Chiller bybass

o Limit chiller hours via raised temp inside

· High efficiency transformers: 99.5%

· 27C (81F) cold aisle

· Distributed UPS (each server has a lead accede battery).


– Google server design (Zie cnet & datacenterknowlegde artikel 2)

99.9% UPS Efficiency

o Distributed on-board UPS

o Single voltage motherboard (12v)

o Motherboard provides 5v to disk and all step downs needed by on board requirements

o Installed a lead-acid distributed UPS to ride through power sags

o Avoids double conversion of many central UPS

o Only enough power in UPS to allow generators to start or to switch to other A/C supply



James Hamilton (Amazon Web Services) heeft notities van de sessies online gezet:

deel 1

deel 2


Meer artikelen:

Video van de Google server

Video van de Google server 2 (thanks Dean!)

Video van het Google container DC.



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